hey there, i'm fite

who are you?

i'm some random person, proudly from northeastern ohio. i am ✨asexual✨ and i quite possibly am part cat. that last part is still undetermined.i really don't like to take myself seriously, i just wanna have fun. that's what we're all here for, right?

(˚ˎ 。7


your guess is as good as mine

what do you do?

  • graphic design stuff (mostly logos)

  • admin, UI, scripting, and maps @ Cube Studios (you should play Project Midnight NOW)

  • graphic design for VOCA-UK

  • big into tech, especially repairing laptops. i also really like to run beta software and have been in the Windows Insider Program since 2018

  • some interest in road design, road signage design, and cars (tho i do support public transit as well!)

  • cooking & baking is fun

  • a lot of other random stuff. i do a lot of things, probably an unhealthy amount

music taste?

That is a long rabbit hole. In general, i like a lot of Vocaloid, J-Pop, J-Core, Future Funk, and some sectors of EDM. Some of my favorite artists are Camellia, meganeko, PinocchioP, Snail's House, Yunomi, Synthion, Sewerslvt, Stonebank, and mako mochamiko. You can find my playlist linked above, but be warned, it is very long.

can i contact you?

yes, absolutely! you can DM me on Twitter, Discord, or just straight up join my Discord server. its a cool place. we vibe a lot there. heres a funny button to join it!

i hope you have a good day :)