hello! i'm fite!

  • ohioian, 17

  • she/her, asexual/aromantic

  • local wannabe cutie & cat person

  • logo / graphic designer

  • admin / UI dev / scripter at Cube Studios, a Roblox dev group

  • tech enthusiast, likes to repair computers a lot (especially laptops)

  • very big fan of Camellia, meganeko, PinocchioP, Snail's House, Yunomi, Synthion, Sewerslvt, Stonebank, and a lot more

  • addicted to Vocaloid stuff maybe

  • wanting to livestream at some point

anyone is welcome to contact me, either through discord or twitter!

have a great day :)

last edited on January 23rd, 2022 - completely redesigned bc i was bored